Welcome to Our New Site!

In 2006, I launched Onyx Creations. First building my site out using a web designing app called iWeb (you old school Mac users know what I'm talking about), it was simple but effective. Moving on in 2009 when Onyx incorporated, I used Wordpress. It is a powerful system for making sites, blogs and more but I'm not web designer and it became more and more challenging to build what I needed for this site. 

Now, joining the ranks of easy yet powerful and WYSIWYG, Squarespace is Onyx Creations' new home. Having used it over at my personal photography site, www.AdrianGalli.com, I was immediately sold on Squarespace. Within 24 hours, I was able to relaunch my personal site. Onyx Creations has taken a bit longer but it is finally here. Over the coming weeks, more will be added to this site so please visit us again. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for typos but if you see one, feel free to message us and say, "Adrian, you do realize Mac have spellcheck right?" 

Thanks for visiting and enjoy exploring this new site!